About Us

About Us

McNally Financial Services Corporation is an independent contractor firm that serves as an investment advisor and offers services through qualified investment advisors. We offer financial planning and portfolio management based on our clients’ individual investment objectives and existing investments, tailoring our recommendations to their current financial positions, risk tolerance and investment objectives. Generally speaking, our clients are individuals and their retirement accounts, which may include trusts or closely held corporations.

McNally is a FINRA-registered broker dealer, and its representatives are dually registered as investment advisors with the firm. McNally is also a Texas General Lines Insurance Agency.

The team of professionals at McNally Financial Services is one of our strongest assets. We pride ourselves on our relationships within the industry and our ability to help our representatives, from just starting out to growing and maintaining their business.

Our Approach

We’re proud of the McNally approach, built on years of experience in the financial industry, solid relationships and access to the right people with the right information. Our representatives have direct access to our top executives. At a larger firm, you’ll find multiple layers of management, and any kind of flexibility is nearly impossible.

We don’t want to get in our brokers’ way; we serve as a support resource to provide guidance and ensure compliance. At McNally, our goal is to find a solution instead of throwing up roadblocks of apprehension and indecision. With our expertise, we are able to work with our representatives as partners rather than hold them back.

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